Professional Licensed Staff

Mintex Tech is backed up with significant experience in tailoring caregivers to the needs of our clients. We take pride in hiring qualified, compassionate employees who can provide all of our customers with decent healthcare. Our highly skilled nurses and caregivers are available throughout the day, and they are fully bonded and insured. Our services are available hourly or to fulfill all your health care needs.

Health Monitoring

With 24-hour care available, your loved ones are often watched by a caregiver who offers emotional support, reduces risks and assists in day-to-day activities. It is therefore, also, necessary to monitor the health of workers. Health monitoring aims to detect early signs of illness by checking whether workers’ health is affected by exposure to hazards while being at work. This way, it can be known if the control measures are working effectively. Our service is focused exclusively on disability prevention, diagnosis, and treatment to help individuals live independently and at ease.

Individual Care

Essential home care assistance is a comprehensive program that is offered in the name of personal or private treatment for seniors or individuals with disabilities. They may obtain assistance with their homemaking, personal activity, and other works while enjoying the luxury of living at home. With diverse homecare services available at a single place, Mintex Tech remains to be a community of health professionals working towards tomorrow’s change.

24 hours Support

We understand and empathize with the people we care for, and respect them as an individual hence, we want to be always there for the ones we represent. This also makes us want to be there for those we serve, whenever they need it. To support this zeal of ours, we have a 24 hours of support network available for our customers.

Nursing Services

As a trusted expert in this area, Mintex Tech provides adult day services that contribute to a richer, more enjoyable life while providing vital health services to our clients. This is made possible with our Nursing Services that can be utilized by a customer, and can be administered at your home. As soon as you book with us, an experienced and registered nurse will be at your side to help you with whatever you need.

Cultural Growth

At Mintex Tech, we involve all levels of staff in the care process and provide a familiar and hospitable environment. We enhance cultural growth by giving the individual a more homely space and making them want to work on a schedule that is suitable to them.

Cultural Growth may seem like a small word, but it can definitely change the lives of those in need.